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This first Asemic tale recalls a traumatic experience that turns into an insightful journey. What unfolds is supported with incomprehensible drawings that awaken the deep subconsciousness with further memory recalls. From these came the tale of an ancient time with a forgotten history and altered reality. The more that is read and deciphered, the more an otherwise impossible and unimaginable past emerges, one that has always existed. Within this tale, the many disjointed memory recalls bring forth their own arrangements that when combined, reveal the biggest and longest held secret.

These drawings and writings have always existed within our subconsciousness. We all carry some memory of these. Certain triggers and unrelated circumstances cause these to arise, linger, and often register in our thoughts. When studied, what emerges, however, are otherwise impossible suggestions that cannot readily be reconciled or fully understood. It is easier to dismiss and disregard rather than to question or challenge these. Nor is accepting a viable option, as this would then shatter everything, all we previously knew and believed, along with the reality and truths that kept society together. To confront this and make it palatable, each page of this book provides another chapter shedding new insight to an unfolding story that at its end reveals the true mysteries of life on Earth.

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